Information Technology Solutions

Our IT solutions offerings utilize a wide range of technologies to help in meeting your objectives and gaining a competitive edge.
We focus on providing the following state-of-the-art software solutions:


Getting and making sense of information from your transactional systems is the core of analytics solutions.

Our analytics experts deliver business intelligence and analytics solutions that get the right information to the right people, at the right time. Our open source Analytics tools helps customer to build a cost effective solutions. We deliver analytics solutions to our customers on premise or in the cloud. Our team successfully implemented BI solutions on cloud.

We enable companies operating in the increasingly data-centric environment to derive strategic business value from data generated from multiple sources such as…

  • Enterprise Data:

    CRM systems, transactional ERP data, and the variety of semi-structured and unstructured data types residing in content repositories.

  • Sensor-Generated Data:

    Data collected from industrial equipment, smart devices, connected appliances, control systems and any other IoT devices.

  • Machine Data:

    Click stream, log files and any other machine-generated data for end-to-end transaction visibility and complete insight across IT infrastructure

  • Social Data:

    Human-generated digital data from social media sources and location-based services laying basis for a 360⁰ customer view.

Our Solutions:
  • IoT Data Analytics

    Predictive maintenance and advanced analytics solutions for smart home automation, connected hospital, and transportation use cases.

  • Customer Analytics:

    Helping companies to provide future-proof great customer experiences with tailored marketing & sales analytics systems, including high-load product (game) analytics engines.

  • Operational Intelligence:

    Enabling enterprises to design great data into the business processes distributed across multiple systems, activity- and data-centric alike.


Our technological capacity is continuously evolving to incorporate the best tools and frameworks emerging on the technology landscape, with particular attention to cloud-based and mobile BI.


Akrivia Mobility team delivers mobility projects of different scale and complexity for both enterprise needs and Consumer needs. We develop frontend apps to enterprise-grade backend and integration to mobile middleware, all in line with your mobility demands.

  • Enterprise Mobility:

    Akrivia Mobility exploits mobile productivity opportunities to deliver enterprise apps that result in improved efficiency, faster communication and a greater RoI. We deliver flexible and cost-effective solutions that let you mobilize, streamline and integrate your business processes on any device and platform.

  • CONSUMER Mobility:

    We create engaging consumer apps that help you drive sales and communicate your brand by unleashing the full power of mobility.Our team delivers stunning applications that provide your customers with a personalized mobile environment to improve their satisfaction, loyalty and trust

  • Frontend Development:

    Our experts harness the power of modern technologies to deliver native, hybrid or cross-platform frontend solutions with eye-grabbing UIs that allow you to easily develop a new income stream or put your business in the palm of your hand.

  • Middleware Development:

    We rethink middleware to ease the integration of mobility into your existing environment by providing a consistent framework and a comprehensive set of services for a wide range of apps and data sources.

  • Backend Development:

    We analyze internal software logics and wraps your data and processes into a scalable and secure backend solution that will expand and evolve together with your business and enable the latter to operate more efficiently.


Our technological capacity is continuously evolving to incorporate the best tools and frameworks emerging on the technology landscape, with particular attention to cloud-based and mobile solutions.

Web Design & Development

Websites have become one of the prime ways to reach virtually, an universe of prospects within an unimaginably short span of time. Our expert web designers create inspiring and brand-focused design solutions that impress and provide a fantastic user experience. Our goal is to convert website visitors to customers, resulting is business growth and success. Our engaging and user-friendly web designs are effortless to navigate and striking to behold. Tell us your dream; we’ll make it come true.

Our key focus areas:
  • User Focused Website Design

    How user-oriented is your website? We are a Vancouver web design company building premium web experiences for your valuable website visitors. Impressive design attracts visitors – intelligent design keeps them.

  • Search Engine Friendly:

    If your website is visible, ranked well on search engines and offers quality content, you have hit a home run! Our Vancouver web design and web development team ensures that your website meets the latest Google standards and is positioned to drive qualitative web traffic

  • Mobile Responsive Design:

    Mobile web browsing is here to stay and increasing every day. Our websites are mobile-friendly and fully responsive! There is no need for a separate mobile website when you have a well-designed liquid layout. We also create exceptional dedicated mobile websites.

  • Web Design to Get You Noticed:

    Make an impression and stand out from your competition. Our Vancouver web design and web development services define your business in the digital world. We design and build websites that impress, hold attention and lead to online success.


Application Development & Maintenance Services:

Akrivia offers a full spectrum of application design, development, maintenance and support services along with flexibility of engagement models and project scopes.

Whether you seek rapid development of a single application or long-term maintenance of your entire suite of applications or corporate systems, we will ensure your technology assets drive exceptional business results.

Our Key focus areas:
  • Custom Application Development

    Be it a first-of-a-kind commercial ERP, a startup idea or a proprietary application, Akrivia enables businesses to create solutions as splendid as possible from scratch, with you being the sole owner of the source-code and IPs.

  • Customization of Third-Party Products

    Our experts grant in-depth knowledge of modern open source and proprietary platforms, products and components constituting a versatile basis for further custom development and integration into tailor-made solutions.

  • Legacy App Upgrade and Enhancement

    We help you leverage your existing IT investments by re-designing, refactoring and enhancing the outdated and inefficient systems you currently use. Our services include migration to newer platforms, refinement of development practices and technical architecture review.

Apart from the above solutions, our engineers also design storefronts integrated with back-end software applications optimize legacy applications to allow access through the internet, and integrate ERP systems with web-based applications.

Our solutions include middleware integration, portal development frameworks, content management solutions, and application servers based on the most advanced technology platforms, including Microsoft .NET and J2EE.