Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our team of CFD engineers and analysts are equipped with the best software and most up-to-date technologies like ANSYS, Fortran with techplot and ParaView. We have expertise in developing well defined models and perfect simulations, thus making it easy to recognize the area of concern and suggesting effective solutions and design alterations.

We have massive experience in flow modeling, simulation and combustion analysis for several automobiles and industrial combustion applications.

Fluid-Solid Interaction

Fluid-Solid Interaction (FSI) is a type of CFD modeling that allows for the study of the complex interactions between a fluid and a solid structure. 6-Degrees of Freedom (DOF) motion simulations capture the motion between a body and the fluid flow surrounding it and the resulting flow-induced forces. Our applications developed inhouse that include floating bodies in water, fluidized bed reactors, and vortex induced vibration.

Conjugate Heat Transfer

The coupled simulation of heat transfer from both solid and fluid can improve the accuracy of CFD simulation results as well as analysis time. Our CFD engineers developed Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) models, which is a major key for the design of heat exchangers to the thermal cooling of electronic component.

Combustion Analysis Services

Akrivia provides combustion analysis services and combustion modeling services including elemental analysis, flame analysis, emission analysis, and mixing analysis.

We deliver combustion specific CFD analysis services to resolve the combustion related problems. Our CFD experts ensure the client gets the increased fuel efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions by suggesting the most apt and operational rectifications.

We can also carry out combustion analysis services for several applications and industries such as power plants, automotive, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, burners and furnaces, boilers and regenerative thermal oxidizers.