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Although GPS is a widespread technology, GPS positioning is not always possible, particularly in shielded environments such as indoors and enclosed park houses, in the presence of GPS jammers or in bad weather conditions like (cyclone, cloudy atmosphere, heavy rains etc).

R-Trak overcomes all the above mentioned situations by augmenting GPS receiver data with mobile network cell attributes to provide a level of redundancy that can benefit numerous applications.

User can track N number of vehicles to which R-Track is connected at a time on a single window.


  1. Positioning performance can be improved and extended to areas where GPS satellite signals are 100% blocked, especially within buildings etc.
  2. Eliminate “no-fix” scenarios by providing at least an approximate fix wherever mobile network coverage is available
  3. Overcome GPS jamming scenarios to improve antitheft system performance

Data Loggers - RDL

RDL with Wi-Fi unit is well established as the most flexible unit with on board 64 GB support SD card for data logging. It has built in USB for data analyze and port configuration via pc application and it can operate on 3.6V. It has the facility for logging the data acquired from 8 number of analog sensors and 10 number of digital sensors it has reconfigurable input ports for connecting the any type of sensors via Pc based application. It has facility for connecting third party Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and ZigBee units for importing and exporting the data to the remote device. Additionally, depending on the format required by the user, Logged data can either be downloaded directly to a local PC using a USB cable or wirelessly transmitted directly to a local PC for automatic and immediate notification and analysis.

RDL Features

  1. Data logging and wireless transmitter formats
  2. LCD display with data readings and battery life
  3. Logger memory capacity 64GB readings
  4. Easily accessible battery and USB socket
  5. Supports hidden wall brackets
  6. Both data collecting formats keep a record of historical data for regulatory compliance purposes


  1. High performance technology with accurate probes
  2. Low power radio for long distance transmission
  3. Up to 3 years battery life (depending on format of data retrieval)
  4. Superior performance hardware with high accuracy sensors


  1. The RDL is available as data loggers and wireless transmitter depending on the relevant application
  2. In building user can log room temperature, humidity, Power Consumption, attendance logging and cabinet monitoring
  3. RDL in outdoor logging and transmit the data to the specified remote user
  4. The wireless transmitter log the data over cloud for universal access the logged data making the most advanced on the market today

Temperature Indicator

Akrivia temperature indicator is specially designed and manufactured for the measurement of temperature in process industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, cement etc. where temperature plays a vital role and its measurement & control require being accurate.

Akrivia temperature indicators are versatile, easy to install & have wide options to suit customer requirement.

Akrivia temperature can be customized by adding the alarm and process atomization option


Temperature controller is designed for measurement of process temperature in explosive environments like

  1. Bulk Drug Industries
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Mines
  4. Petro Chemical Industries

pH indicator

Akrivia offer a range of industrial pH systems- Indicators, Controllers for a wide range of applications. Akrivia pH indicators are east to install & have wide options to suit customer requirements.

Akrivia temperature can be customized by adding the alarm and process atomization option.


Akrivia pH indicator is designed for measurement of pH in explosion hazardous areas like

  1. Chemical Processes
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Food Technology
  4. Petrochemical Industries

Restricted Entry Door locking system for clean rooms

In clean room areas, any personnel passing through an unclassified area to a classified area is required to pass through series of rooms. In each room certain steps need to be followed. This procedure ensures that the person is not carrying any external contamination in to the process area and also the pressure in each room is maintained before opening of door.

Restricted Entry Door locking system for clean room achieves the preventions of process area contamination by

  1. Allowing personnel who have access and can understand the concept of contamination
  2. Allowing personnel who have dress code through image recognition software
  3. Bio-metrics access
  4. RFID access

Wireless Synchronized GPS clock

Akrivia GPS digital synchronized clock system is a perfect solutions for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required for Regulatory (FDA) etc. All the colcks can display the same real time, whether in office, production blocks, warehouses, Canteen of industries. These clocks find wide applications in areas of manufacturing Industries, Hospitals, API’s, Formulations, Clean Rooms, Colleges, and School etc.


  1. Improves the accuracy of time
  2. Synchronize with Universal time as per FDA recommendations
  3. Reduces the manual entry errors