Solutions Engineering

Solution Engineering Services

The geospatial solution engineering services offered by Akrivia include:

  • Enterprise GIS system integration.
  • Spatial data infrastructure implementation.
  • Application integration.
  • Application porting/migration.
  • Mobile application implementation.
  • Web GIS implementation.

Our system architecture and application development efforts are oriented towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards. This approach results in applications that are enterprise-friendly and scalable with the growth of your organization.

Enterprise GIS System Integration

Akrivia has the industry knowledge and expertise necessary to address the complexity of enterprise GIS implementation and system integration including:

  • Project and program management.
  • Business and system analysis.
  • System architecture design.
  • Development and implementation.
  • Unit, system, and user testing.

Spatial Data Infrastructure Implementation

Akrivia team of expertise understand the technical intricacies of implementing Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in addition to the other implementation challenges presented by working at a regional or national level. This allows Akrivia to offer a number of SDI implementation services including:

  • Dataset design, development, and alignment.
  • Metadata design.
  • Data cataloguing, access, and delivery.
  • Data visualization services for stakeholder review.
  • Facilitating communication and consensus among stakeholders.

Web GIS Applications

The use of web-based GIS tools has grown in parallel with the development of the internet.

Akrivia has expertise in delivering rich internet applications (RIA) over the web. With expertise on multiple platforms and technologies, our developers are ideally suited to meet your web GIS requirements.