Akrivia Daily Activity Report (ADAR)

ADAR is a mobile based Activity tracker specially designed to track work records of marketing employees. It is integrated with GPS to read the exact location of the marketing person. ADAR has inbuilt log management which helps to save details of specific opportunity and track it to closure. Manager designated person can generate reports like Lead conversion ratio, Top performing marketing executive, Key Customers and many more customized to the needs of customer

Key Features

Live Dashboard Biometric Access Shift Scheduling & Roster Employee Management Employee Management
Opportunity & Lead Management
Activity Log
Reports & Dashboards
GPS enabled location Tracking
Email & SMS Alerts

Key Features

  • Mobile based App, IOS and Android supported.
  • SMS or email based Alerts for any delays
  • Automated Emails and SMS to executive for follow ups.
  • Reports by Opportunity Id or by User to track the performance.
  • PDF and EXCEL data export option.
  • Improved productivity of employees by 35%
  • Automatic email reports for the authorized people

Opportunity & Lead Management:

Manage your Leads and Opportunities on the go. ADAR helps you to add new opportunity and assign them to executives. Add-in Functionality can help to auto assign depending upon the geography or region.

Activity Log:

View the actions by each marketing executive in a given day. A live activity tracker allows you to see exact actions taken and submitted by the executive along with the GPS location details. Scroll down facility enabled to view history records or pick a date to view details of a specific day.

Reports & Dashboards:

Automatically generate reports to view the top performing Executive, No. of opportunities closed, effort involved in closing each opportunity, Top performing geography or Region and a Leader board dashboard of all executives to flaunt the performance.

GPS enabled location Tracking:

ADAR helps to track exact location of the marketing executive while submitting the activity. This allows eliminating the misuse or incorrect entry by the executives. This functionality can further me enhanced to keep live tracking of the executives.

Email & SMS Alerts:

ADAR is configured to send SMS & Email to Management team, Executives and Sales managers on the various activities going on as per the designation. Management team is alerted on the close or cancel of opportunity. Sales Team on generation of leads, and executives on creation of opportunities.