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Getting and making sense of information from your transactional systems is the core of analytics solutions.

Our analytics experts deliver business intelligence and analytics solutions that get the right information to the right people, at the right time. Our open source Analytics tools helps customer to build a cost effective solutions. We deliver analytics solutions to our customers on premise or in the cloud. Our team successfully implemented BI solutions on cloud.

We enable companies operating in the increasingly data-centric environment to derive strategic business value from data generated from multiple sources such as…

  • Enterprise Data:

    CRM systems, transactional ERP data, and the variety of semi-structured and unstructured data types residing in content repositories.

  • Sensor-Generated Data:

    Data collected from industrial equipment, smart devices, connected appliances, control systems and any other IoT devices.

  • Machine Data:

    Click stream, log files and any other machine-generated data for end-to-end transaction visibility and complete insight across IT infrastructure

  • Social Data:

    Human-generated digital data from social media sources and location-based services laying basis for a 360⁰ customer view.

Our Solutions:
  • IoT Data Analytics

    Predictive maintenance and advanced analytics solutions for smart home automation, connected hospital, and transportation use cases.

  • Customer Analytics:

    Helping companies to provide future-proof great customer experiences with tailored marketing & sales analytics systems, including high-load product (game) analytics engines.

  • Operational Intelligence:

    Enabling enterprises to design great data into the business processes distributed across multiple systems, activity- and data-centric alike.


Our technological capacity is continuously evolving to incorporate the best tools and frameworks emerging on the technology landscape, with particular attention to cloud-based and mobile BI. Among others, we work with the following technologies..

Creditable Integrity

We hold honesty and integrity as our guiding principles, We provide upmost importance to data security and Confidentiality.

Effective Team Work

Collocated team at near shore locations ensure high quality deliverables within committed deadline

Advice consulting

Our consultants provide guidance and act as SMEs to various Functional and Technical challenges.