Master Child Management

Master child management software helps to ensure error free processes in assembling units. S/W helps to manage and validate all the master and child components during various phases of assembly process to ensure appropriate child is attached to the master and wise versa, thereby eliminating the rejections due to mismatch of child components. Inbuilt training modules and work instruction based each model assists operator during on job training. Live dashboards help manager to identify the root cause of delayed processing and fix them.

Key Features

Live Dashboard Biometric Access Shift Scheduling & Roster Employee Management Employee Management
Barcode Generation
Workstation Assignment
Target Setting
Online Training
Live dashboard

Other Features

  • Barcode integrated model
  • Standalone application
  • User assistance and online need based training.
  • Easy integration with existing inventory S/W’s
  • Live dashboard – with production target vs achieved

Barcode Generation

Barcode Generation:

Barcode generation S/W, helps you to generate barcode and assign them to each of the inventory item or rack. Barcode assignment, generation and printing can be handled using this module. Type of barcode (code 39, code 128, any other) can be customizable as per the business requirements. Quantity and type (Distinct or uniform) can be selected while printing to further differentiate the barcodes.

Workstation Assignment

Workstation Assignment:

Each operator can be assigned with a specific workstation by manager on daily, weekly or monthly basis. This module assists in assigning of work stations. S/W automatically alerts the manager if there is in mismatch between the operator allocated and operator working on the workstation.

Target Setting

Target Setting:

Target for entire assembly line, or per operator by day, month or week can be configured using this module. The target allocated and achieved by each operator is displayed on operator window to keep track of pending work. S/W automatically predicts and displays the estimated time required to complete the pending works based on operator efficiency and past trends.

Online Training

Online Training:

All employee can get online training on the work that they are assigned too, Software automatically displays the work instructions and video based on the work allocated to assist the operator. Operator can click on video to view the video or read the detailed instruction from their terminal. Manager can push new work instructions too to any workstation or operator ID.

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard:

Live dashboard of the work in progress, rejected units, Designated users can be provided access to this module who can view the live movement of stock from inventory. User can also generate distinct number of business specific usage reports, trends reports or comparisons reports just by selecting the appropriate category