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Flame Proof Indicators

Enclosed in robust enclosures flameproof for various gas group, Akrivia Flame Proof Indicators are well suited to hazardous industrial areas. Operators can easily view process values through the hard glass of the flameproof display and even program parameters on our indicators with push button on the flameproof enclosure.

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Flame Proof Controller

Akrivia Flame Proof Controllers offer the same features as our regular controllers, such as time-proportional control, sensor-break indication, on-site set point and relay programming and isolated retransmission, but like other flameproof equipments, in a robust enclosure with degrees of ingress and gas group protection.


Wireless Synchronous GPS Clocks

Akrivia wireless synchronized master clock acquires the time and then transmits it wirelessly to the slave clocks that are in the system. Once the transmiter master clock receives a time update, it then transmits the time to any number of secondary slave digital clocks.

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Online pH Monitoring System

Akrivia industrial grade online pH meter is highly accurate and designed to monitor continuous pH measurement in many areas of water treatment plants, power plants, medicine manfacturing units and other laboratory applications. Designed with latest technology this online pH monitiring Meter offers graphic LCD screen for simultaneous display of pH, mV and temperature, sturdy construction, high quality pH complex electrode etc.