Akrivia Pick / Put to Light Solution (APLS)

Akrivia Pick/Put to Light solution helps to eliminate the time delays that happen during stock picking/placing by using light displays to direct operators to specific stock location. Each stock location is equipped with Akrivia’s alphanumeric display with a light, an acknowledge button and a digital readout to display the quantity. Once an operator scans the barcoded address label, S/W automatically switches on the light at corresponding rack from where the item should be picked or placed. The quantity to be picked or placed is also displayed on the digital readout at the rack. In case of multiple items, our S/W solution can be preconfigured to display all the lights at once or in a sequential order based on shortest path. The solution can be configured as per the business specific needs.

Key Features

Barcode Generation Inventory Management Quality check Assistance Quality check Assistance
Barcode Generation
Inventory Management
Live Dashboard

Other Features

  • TCP/IP Architecture
  • Lean processes
  • Low turnaround time
  • Zero Errors
  • Time and Cost saving
  • Centralized control
  • Scalable Software
  • Inventory Forecast

Barcode Generation

Barcode Generation:

Barcode generation S/W, helps you to generate barcode and assign them to each of the inventory item or rack. Barcode assignment, generation and printing can be handled using this module. Type of barcode (code 39, code 128, any other) can be customizable as per the business requirements. Quantity and type (Distinct or uniform) can be selected while printing to further differentiate the barcodes.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management:

Entire inventory module can be integrated with Pick/Put to light system to manage inventory and track of all the items. Rack allocations, First in First out (FIFO) implementations for all inventory items can be done using this module.

Live dashboard

Live Dashboard:

Inventory items can be tracked live by using this module. Designated users can be provided access to this module who can view the live movement of stock from inventory. User can also generate distinct number of business specific usage reports, trends reports or comparisons reports just by selecting the appropriate category.



Alerts through SMS or email can be sent automatically to specific users as defined in the system. Low stock alerts, Stock movement alerts and many others can be configured to effectively manage the inventory.